If you love golf and charities, LISTEN UP! Mesilla Valley Transportation’s 5th annual Charity Golf Tournament is coming up, and we plan for it to be the best one yet! Since 2015, we’ve teamed up with different charities in Las Cruces, to help raise money to put back into the community. If you know anything about Mesilla Valley Transportation, you know we are all about community. Owners, Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray grew up in the Mesilla Valley area, so keeping the community relevant in the company is very important. We know there are several areas of need in our community, so I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a long tradition for MVT.

In previous years, we’ve partnered with different charities like The Wounded Warriors Project, Community of Hope, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. This year, we’ve decided to team up with Revolution 120. I know what you’re thinking, What’s Revolution 120? Well, since 2017, this not-for-profit corporation has been providing support in the form of goods and services to people who are on the edge of crisis. Just to name a few, Revolution 120 provided a single mother of 5 with hot water and heat for her home, raised funds to provide clothes for over 700 children, when the Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store burned down in 2018, and purchased furniture, along with other necessities, to help open the Las Cruces Emergency Teen Shelter. Plus, the people who they help don’t have to pay them back with money, they “pay it forward.” That’s right! No money back guarantee! People who receive help from Revolution 120 are required to pay it forward by doing something helpful for someone else. For example, they helped a gentleman who’s legally blind that had electrical problems in his home. Turns out, even though he’s legally blind, he’s a fantastic auto mechanic. So, he paid it forward by fixing the cars of two people. Pretty cool right?

Every year, we raise anywhere from $30,000 to $54,000, and every year we try to surpass the previous amount raised. This past year, we raised almost $54,000 for the Las Cruces Public School Foundation, which is the most we’ve ever raised. Do you know what you could do with $54,000? I know what I would do, and it rhymes with “bay off scones” (pay off loans). But we put 100 percent of the money, back into the schools of Las Cruces. I know we set the bar high at last year’s tournament, so you can imagine how motivated we are to beat that amount this year. Every extra dollar that we can get and give back to the community, we’ll take it!

We like to partner up with a different charity every year, so we can help as many people as possible. Since this tradition started, we’ve helped veterans in need, supported our local teachers with classroom supplies, even provided housing for the homeless. Knowing our efforts are actually helping people in need is what pushes us to keep going. We started this tournament to simply help others. Let’s be honest, in the world we live in today, everyone could use a little help. So why not lend a hand? MVT wants to make a difference in as many peoples lives as we can, no matter how long it takes. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. “Nothing feels better than knowing that you were able to do something for somebody who may have not been able to do it for themselves. There’s nothing like seeing others succeed” – Jackie Jones, Marketing Director.

If you like golf, a good time, and contributing to a great cause, c’mon down to the Red Hawk Golf Club on Friday, September 27th. Let’s work together to help the community succeed!