Angel Sanchez

“It’s difficult but it keeps me going.” Angel is a well rounded guy who loves a challenge. He’s been with MVT for almost 2 years now & has a soft spot for getting drivers behind the wheel and out on the road.

Ariel Paredes

“I really like the family business environment in MVT.” Ariel has been with MVT for 2 years and looks forward to talking to drivers every day. This family man appreciates introducing drivers to a family oriented company.

Irma Villalpando

“I have had the self-gratification of seeing drivers start as trainees, and are now owner operators.” Irma has been with MVT for 6 years & loves helping drivers. Ms. Villalpando comes from a family of truck drivers, so she understands what drivers have...

Sylvia Trujillo

“I thrive on creating a better opportunity for anyone that wants to better their future.” Since Sylvia has been with MVT, she’s noticed that everyone shares the same vision and dedication. This Green Bay Packer fan enjoys recruiting drivers just as...

Robert Rubalcaba

“I love to provide careers to drivers that are in need.” Robert has been a loyal employee of MVT for over a decade! This family man loves to travel & appreciates the opportunities MVT has given him and his family.