Helen Noguera

“Working for MVT is exciting within itself. I work with my family!” Helen started working for MVT 4 years ago as a Driver Recruiter & is now the Recruiting Manager for our Nashville terminal. This mother of three loves the constant changes within the trucking...

Rochelle Ware

“I enjoy meeting new people.” Rochelle has been with us for 6 months and can’t get enough of the environment. This golden state native loves talking to drivers almost as much as she loves animals.

Christy Wilson

“I’ve felt like family since the day I interviewed for my position.” Christy loves getting drivers started on a new career path, just as much as she loves the support she receives from her colleagues. Her family-oriented spirit makes her feel right at...

Kimberly Gray

“I discovered the trucking industry and absolutely love it!” Kimberly started working with MVT back in 2016 and loves talking to drivers. She appreciates when drivers come into the terminal and feel a part of the family, just like she does.

Tyler Suffron

Tyler is a driver recruiter who has been with the company since May of 2018. He is delighted to provide employment opportunities for drivers, on their continuing or new career paths.