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Referral Program

MVT employees can refer experienced truck drivers and make extra money

Mesilla Valley Transportation is always looking for Safe & Qualified Truck Drivers. Our employees are the best ambassadors of the Company’s Brand and Culture. There is no better way to make MVT grow than to have the employees refer drivers they know. MVT offers a monetary reward for every Driver Referral.

Receive 1st payment when the new truck driver completes his first trip.
Receive the last payment after the new driver has been with MVT for 30 days.
No Limit to the Number of Referrals or the Extra Money you Can Earn!

Drive For

We make it easy to refer drivers to Mesilla Valley Transportation. MVT Employees simply fill out the referral from through the Drive For MVT app, or driveformvt.com website, and a recruiter contacts the driver. Download the app now and start earning extra money.

For more information call the recruiting department :