Safety & Fuel Efficiency Equal BIG Rewards for Drivers

21 June 2017

Las Cruces, New Mexico — If you asked Mark Wagner about his chances of winning a brand-new car a couple month’s ago, he’d probably tell you there wasn’t one. But that wasn’t the case this time. He drove away from MVT’s quarterly driver appreciation day in a 2017 Nissan Versa.

“I was quite surprised, to tell you the truth, that I had won the car. I didn’t realize that I was doing that good on my miles per gallon,” recalls Mr. Wagner.

Mark, who has been a solo driver for MVT for the last two years and two months, drives out of the Nashville, TN terminal. Last quarter he clocked 37,735 miles with 10.30 MPG and 0.32% idle time.

5/2017 Driver Appreciation Day  Car Winner
Mark Wagner (MVT Driver) & Royal Jones (President & CEO)

Numbers this impressive deserve recognition and that’s why Mesilla Valley started its safety and fuel-efficiency giveaway in 2011. It started with a Harley Davidson, but since then it has grown into quarterly car giveaways every three months in February, May, August, and November. Of course, the biggest bonus of $25,000, comes at the end of the year and can be won multiple times. Safety is MVT’s Number One Priority and is the most important part of the Criteria to win the Giveaways. Eligibility for the quarterly and annual giveaways include: having no citations of any kind, no DOT violations, and no preventable accidents or incidents.

So, how do the drivers feel about this kind of recognition? Kenneth Vigil says, “I believe these types of events at Mesilla Valley are really encouraging to drivers. It helps them keep a positive attitude, knowing that the company is behind them.” Our winner, Mark, thinks “Drivers are in a good mood because Mesilla Valley tries really hard to meet the needs of their drivers. I think it’s a very rewarding place to work.”

Why so much attention on safety and fuel efficiency? Since 1982, MVT has had a reputation for being the most fuel-efficient fleet in the nation. They understand that saving money on fuel equals more savings and less negative impacts on our environment. To maintain a sustainable operation, they are always seeking innovative ways to help their equipment cut through the wind; from low-rolling resistance tires to reducing parasitic drag to being the first to apply trailer skirts to their entire fleet. In fact, they’ve earned the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award multiple times.

MVT Driver Appreciation Day May 2017.

What really sets MVT apart is how they make the most of these savings and how they give back to their safe drivers. When asked about what it’s like to drive for them, Scott Mann said, “They make it very easy. From the time I came in here, everyone knew my name. I wasn’t just a truck number. They always ask me ‘Are you happy? Are you getting the miles you want? Is your truck running well?’ You don’t get that at other companies. It makes you feel like you are family.” To learn more about Mesilla Valley, visit driveformvt.com.

Royal Jones & Jimmy Ray


President and CEO & Vicepresident

Mesilla Valley Transportation founders, Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray, got their start in the trucking business in 1982 hauling primarily refrigerated goods throughout the Southwest. Since then, they have built one of the largest, most efficient locally-owned transportation fleets in the U.S. They specialize in delivering quality, timely service throughout the U.S. and Canada to the borders of Mexico. Their success translates to their drivers, keeping them on the road, earning more, and operating a fleet that runs well and runs safely.